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Biggest Return For Your Marketing Dollar

I am often asked by clients, what single marketing initiative will give the best return on investment.

Because of my PR background, public relations would be the obvious answer.

Effective PR can, without doubt, give you an unbelievable return when it comes to driving customer interest and building the fame of a brand.

Indeed, Bill Gates, the world's richest man, said he would spend his last marketing dollar on PR.

I, however, beg to disagree.

If I was down to my last marketing dollar, I would spend it on optimisation or optimization as it's spelled in the US.

I would pawn my mother-in-law to get the funds to optimise my website so it could sit at the top of Google for all the important keyword searches.

We have many clients who have multiplied sales by hundreds, indeed thousands of percent simply by getting their sites to the No1 spot on Google.

My advice to any business - if you want to lead your sector, hire a great optimisation team and dominate the search engines.