Partnerships – A Great Way To Do Business

If you want to move your business into the fast track - take a look at strategic partnerships.

Once-upon-a-time I believed it was important to own a business lock, stock and barrel.

Not any more. Over the past year I have realised that partnering is the way to get ahead in business.

Only 12 months ago, we entered into our first partnering venture with educational marketing and student recruitment expert Peter Cunningham.

Together we set up 11tenGroup ( and we burst through the £1 million fee barrier after only 10 months.

So why has partnering been so successful? The reason is simple - Peter and his colleagues brought skills and sector expertise that were new to us.

As a result, we are now penetrating markets around the world which, without the partnership, would have been closed to us.

We are now looking at further partnering opportunities.

If you are considering setting up a business partnership, here are my golden rules:

  • Make sure you like the person or team you are partnering with
  • Make sure you trust your partners and pull out immediately if you find your trust is misplaced
  • Make sure the partnership if fair to all parties

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