Name Associations – Fun & Enlightening

When you think of a company - any company - what word best sums up the brand?

For instance, what single word would you associate with Marks & Spencer?

Would Quality summarise the M&S brand?

Let's try Disney, how about Entertaining?

What about Authoritative for the Financial Times?

Capturing the essence of a brand in one word can be entertaining, engrossing and enlightening.

There is no right or wrong answer because we all look at brands from our own standpoint. At the same time, we are influenced by the thinking of our peer group.

Take Royal Bank of Scotland, for instance. What word would you choose to describe our noble high street bank? Safe and Crooked are two words you could apply to a bank. Which would you choose for RBS?

What about Ryanair? Uncaring, Disrespectful or Cheap are three words which spring to mind. I'm sure you can think of others.

British Airways? Strike could be an apt single word descriptor.

Try the one word test on any brand. It's fun.

Here's the serious part - if you opt for a positive word, the brand probably has a generally positive reputation. A negative descriptor probably means the brand needs to take urgent action to improve its image.

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