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There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

It's a myth invented by ineffective PR people that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

The truth is bad publicity can damage your brand, undermine sales and wipe out profits. If you doubt what I say…think BP.

Bad publicity can also destroy personal brands. Think Fred Goodwin - if you don't agree.

Fred still has the ball and chain of his RBS failures around his leg and he will not escape the world's worst banker tag by simply lying low.

Staying out of the public eye is not the way to rebuild a reputation whether you're Fred Goodwin or BP.

The only was to rebuild what is tattered and torn is to get out a needle and thread and repair the damage. Careful stitching can mend holes and, over time, can rebuild reputations.

Recession Busting Areas

At Only Marketing, we pride ourselves in our intimate knowledge of local markets around the world.

It's why we invest heavily in regional offices and local people.

They help us keep our finger on the pulse of regional economies around the globe. We can not only tell you which countries to target, we can identify which cities are booming. In fact, we can pinpoint the most prosperous areas of these cities.

That knowledge is worth its weight in gold to our clients because it enables them to mount targeted campaigns which can be directed with laser precision.

The benefits are obvious - greater returns from smaller budgets.

Speak to Only Marketing today if you want more fruit from your international marketing budget.

The Biggest Website Blunder - Focussing On Looks

The biggest blunder most companies make when building a new website is to focus on looks.

Businesses, small and global, assume that the job is done when they create a stunning-looking website.

They don't seem to realise that eye candy will not bring in business!

Hazard warning - even a stunning website that contains a fair amount of useful information is not going to pull in customers.

To be commercially successful, a website needs to be easy found on the web. That means sitting at the top of Google and the other search engines for all important keyword searches.

The magic formula for a commercially successful website is:

Rich Content x Heavily Optimised Pages x Killer Links = Commercial Success!

You can throw looks into the mix if you have to - but it's a long way behind helpful content built around a sector's keywords and plentiful links.

Remember, the ugliest sites on the web can often be the biggest business winners.

The Austerity Buzz Phrase

"Decade of austerity" is going to be the political buzz phrase we will all get tired of hearing.

But what will it mean for the marketing sector?

I'm afraid we are heading for a time of restraint…whether we like it or not.

Agencies heavily into the public sector are in for a tough time as Government departments, councils and NGOs slash their marketing budgets.

The corporate sector is also in for a time of sobriety as companies shy away from extravagant marketing gestures.

Events will be hardest hit. There will be fewer of them and they will be less extravagant or will have a charity angle.

Specsavers, who are always ahead of the game, got it right by selling places for their glitzy Spectacle Wearer Of  The Year Show at the V&A to raise funds for Kidscape, the anti-bulling charity.

It was a smart move by Specsavers because the event attracts celebrities in droves and the tickets were like gold dust.

We got it right too. Our annual conference for Beattie Communications, 11tenGroup and Only Marketing took place in one of our Scottish offices as did the post conference entertainment. Our staff flew easyJet and stayed in Premier Inns.

Everyone had a wonderful time. In fact, it was the most successful conference we have ever held. It proves you don't have to spend a fortune to get your message across.

Here's to shoestring marketing!!

Sector Specialists Can Give You A Winning Edge In Sales & Marketing

Question: If you needed a complicated heart operation would you choose a general surgeon or a cardiac specialist?

Answer: You would, almost certainly, opt for the cardiac surgeon because his knowledge, skill and experience could make the difference between life and death.

Marketing is no different. Why would you choose a general marketing agency when you can have a team of specialists working on your behalf?

Specialists know their sector inside out. They bring years of experience and valuable industry knowledge which generalists lack.

Specialists have served their apprenticeship in your sector. They will have made mistakes and learned valuable lessons which, in turn, will give your campaigns the marketing edge.

It's why Only Marketing has invested in specialist teams. Our specialists cover everything from travel to retail and property to health and wellbeing.

They have their finger on the pulse of their industry and if it were me, I would choose a specialist team every time - because marketing is life or death.