The Biggest Website Blunder - Focussing On Looks

The biggest blunder most companies make when building a new website is to focus on looks.

Businesses, small and global, assume that the job is done when they create a stunning-looking website.

They don't seem to realise that eye candy will not bring in business!

Hazard warning - even a stunning website that contains a fair amount of useful information is not going to pull in customers.

To be commercially successful, a website needs to be easy found on the web. That means sitting at the top of Google and the other search engines for all important keyword searches.

The magic formula for a commercially successful website is:

Rich Content x Heavily Optimised Pages x Killer Links = Commercial Success!

You can throw looks into the mix if you have to - but it's a long way behind helpful content built around a sector's keywords and plentiful links.

Remember, the ugliest sites on the web can often be the biggest business winners.

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