The Pen IS More Powerful Than The Sword

Words matter.

Words have shaped the world as we know it. Angry words have taken countries to war. Soothing words have created peace.

In personal and business relationships - words matter. They can build trust and respect but careless words can destroy friendships in seconds.

No where are words more important than in the marketing arena - they influence, persuade and sell.

Yet how many dismal websites have you seen with text that would put you to sleep? How many brochures have you read where 100 carefully chosen words could easily replace 1000 boring words? How many mind-numbing speeches have you had to endure?

Endure was the word which inspired us to create Only Words - the world's largest copywriting agency.

We have assembled a team of award-winning journalists, editors, wordsmiths and authors to help companies, charities, Government departments, NGOs and creative agencies produce text that influences, persuades and sells.

We produce:

  • Text for websites, brochures and annual reports
  • Copy for direct mail, white papers and news releases
  • Slogans and body text for adverts
  • Speeches for business leaders and politicians

You name it - we do it…if it involves words.

Speak to us and we'll prove to you that words are more powerful than the sword.

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