Don't Believe All You Read In The Papers

Pick up a newspaper - any newspaper - and you'll find it's full of depressing news.

Gloom and doom stories may sell newspapers but also they give a totally distorted view of what's actually going on.

On the business front, if you look beyond the tombstone headings, you will find business is booming for many companies.

We work with many clients who are enjoying rocketing sales and record profits.

These businesses don't know how to spell the word "recession".

So what makes them different? How come businesses like Marks & Spencer, easyJet, City Refrigeration and many others are flying high?

I reckon it's got to do with a positive mental attitude among the people leading these vibrant businesses.

People like Stuart Rose, Carolyn McCall and Willie Haughey know times are tough. They know confidence is shaky. They know their customers have become savers rather than spenders.

But they also know that great offers, good service and smart marketing is the recipe for success.

Here's a three step action plan to revive flagging sales and falling profits.

  1. Refresh your sales proposition. Look at what you can do to provide better value to your customers or clients.
  2. Review customer care. Companies that offer great customer service retain more existing business and win more new business.
  3. Pep up your marketing. When times are hard, smart companies review their marketing strategies and invest in marketing activities that produce the greatest return.

Implement the three point plan in your business and you'll leave the recessionary blues far behind.

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