Emotional Brands Stand Out

If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, it must have a different ethos and a more vibrant personality than every other brand in your sector.

Great brands don't copy their rivals - they trail blaze. Dyson is the prime example. Their vacuum cleaners burst on to the market with new technology but more importantly - a startling new look.

Dyson captured the imagination of consumers around the world and two decades later, shoppers are still happy to pay more for a Dyson than any other cleaner.

Great brands are never dull - they are emotional. They connect with the mind and the heart.  Look at how Havaianas transformed the humble flip flop into a fashion statement that blew much more expensive brands into a sand storm.

Before Havaianas, flip flops were pedestrian and boring. They served a mundane purpose and every brand looked the same. Havaianas re-wrote the rule book. They produced cool, stylish and affordable flip flops that changed the beachwear landscape for ever.

Specsavers did the same for eyewear. Before Specsavers most sight-challenged people had one pair of glasses. Today, it's not unusual to have a new pair of glasses for every outfit.

Specsavers set out to make eyewear affordable. In the process they made glasses cool. In fact, they went further - they made spectacles sexy. So-much-so that people with perfect sight now wear glasses as a fashion accessory.

If you want your brand to shine like a beacon, inject some emotion into it and like Dyson, Havaianas and Specsavers you'll capture the business, not just the imagination, of your customers.

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