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Press Office 24 – A New Service From Beattie Communications

Beattie Communications has launched a new service to support hard-pressed in house PR departments.

Press Office 24 is available to handle media enquiries after hours or when PR teams are out of the office.

The service which operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year is also on hand to provide back up cover for important media events or support for crisis situations.

All calls will be answered by the experienced Beattie Communications media team who will:

  • Take messages
  • Issue previously agreed statements
  • Provide responses using an agreed Q&A
  • Contact clients immediately if something important comes up

The team, which includes many former newspaper and broadcast journalists, can even get behind the upfront questions to find out angles journalists are planning to take.

Press Office 24 was set up because in house PR departments have slimmed down and overworked staff often have to provide after hours press office cover every day of the year including Christmas and New Year's Day.

The new service means they never have to be on call ever again!