How Many Websites Have You Got?

Beattie Communications and its various brands have dozens of websites.


The more websites you've got the more business you will pick up.

It's a bit like fishing - the more lines you have in the river, the more fish you are going to catch.

Of course, you will land nothing if the fish fail to see the bait on your hook.

It's the same with websites - there is no point in having the best looking website in the world if it has no visibility with the search engines.

To win business on the internet you need a commercially-focussed website that's been optimised to sit at the top of the search engines.

All the Beattie Communications and Only Marketing websites are aggressively optimised. As a result, they score well when it comes to keyword searches.

If you want to win more business from the internet, speak to my team at Only w3b. They are the best optimisers on the planet and they will drive your sites to the top of the search engines.

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