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Are You Confident Enough To Guarantee Your Service?

We live in an age where people are more demanding. We are no longer prepared to put up with shoddy service or unreliable products.

In the past we would vote with our feet. If we were unhappy with restaurant food or the waiter service, for instance, we would pay the bill and never return.

Not today! If our expectations are not met, we are much more likely to share our displeasure with our host, complaining that the food or the service did not come up to scratch.

Smart marketeers have woken up to the fact that a more demanding generation has created exciting new marketing opportunities.

It's why the manufacturers of everything from cars to televisions are offering longer and better guarantees. Lifetime guarantees are no longer uncommon.

The professional services sector and marketing agencies in particular have been reluctant to offer guarantees.

Does it show a lack of confidence in the quality of the service they provide?

I'm proud to say that Beattie Communications has been guaranteeing its PR services for nearly 20 years and we have extended the guarantee culture into our various Only brands.

For instance, we are now offering all retained clients a no quibble guarantee for the social media marketing services provided by our Only Social team.

If you are in the professional services sector, and you are confident about the quality of the service you provide, it may be worth following our lead.

I'm confident it will enhance your chances of winning new clients and keeping them happy.