Creating A Global Marketing Brand…On A Shoestring

I have decided to chart the launch, creation and development of the Only brand on my personal website.

It's a fascinating story for anyone that's interested in rolling out a country brand into the global marketplace and doing it on a shoestring.

The Only story relates to the creation of an international PR and marketing brand but the template we have used could be applied to virtually any business.

We are harnessing the power of the internet and the availability of cheap international flights to take Only into the four corners of the earth.

You can read the on-going story here but I have peppered this blog with a few key jottings from the Only journal.



18.9.10 Launching Only Marketing

We decided to stage a Beattie Communications staff conference in our Scottish Media Village in Falkirk to launch Only - our new marketing brand.

The news was greeted with enthusiasm as our people from across the UK caught their first glimpse of the Only Marketing website.

Startlingly different from the Beattie Communications website, it got an enthusiastic thumbs up from the entire team.


20.9.10 We Launch Only Web

Web marketing is going to be the lynchpin around which the Only brand will be built so it's hardly surprising that Only Web is the second website in the series.

David Reid, Douglas Mackay and Suzanne Boyle have done a great job in delivering a meaty site in the blink of an eye.


29.9.10 A Week Of Madness

We launch three websites in a week starting with our new health and wellbeing site. The new websites are

The web team have been working round the clock to get the sites up and running.

All the sites will be further developed and extended over the coming months so they become established as internet sites of authority.


14.2.11 Soft Launch For Only Marcom

Today sees the launch of our first US website Only Marcom. It promotes our student recruitment, education and health marketing services.

Unlike other Only boutiques we have not trumpeted the launch of this website, preferring to roll it out quietly.  We will turn up the noise when the site starts to climb the search engines.


6.4.11 Stepping Down A Gear

We are slowing down in the rollout of new sites. Instead we have been focussing on developing our existing websites.

Today, however, heralds the launch of Only Social, our website that focuses on social media marketing.

Social media is already a key operational area for the group and has the potential to be a significant fee generator.

Only Social is a small website by our standards but it includes the fledgling Only Academy, a learning resource for those interested in educating themselves about the social media and leading edge marketing.


25.8.11 Launching Only Crisis

When it comes to crisis management, we are probably the most active PR agency in the world.

Never a day passes without us having to manage one crisis or another.

The incidents we handle can include product recalls, fatal accidents at work, cases of sexual harassment and, of course, media investigations of all types.

We are seriously good at managing crisis situations, so it was an easy decision to launch a specialist website with the imaginative name

We believe it's the most powerful crisis website on the internet and we fully expect it to bring in crisis management business from around the world.

One of the features of Only Crisis is the 0800 612 9890 emergency hotline number which is operational 24/7.


15.9.11 Launching Only Ireland

Today we launch in Ireland.

With Dublin being only a hop, step and a jump from London or Scotland, we intend servicing Irish clients from the UK.


18.9.11 The First Birthday Of Only

Today is the first birthday of Only and we are celebrating the fact that we now have 14 Only websites up and running!

What's exciting is that some of the sites are already pulling in new business leads…something we did not anticipate so early in the game.

Finance director Linda Mitchell reckons the Only brand already accounts for £500,000 in additional fees to Beattie Communications Group.

It's a fair start and it augurs well for the future!!



17.10.11 Only Public Relations Goes Live In The US, our big beefy website aimed at the North American market, went live today.

It is more of a general site than which focuses on health and education.

Only Public relations provides 22 marketing and communications services across 10 industry sectors. Services and sectors will be expanded over time.

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