A Helping Hand For Smaller Agencies

When I launched Beattie Communications, quarter of a century ago, our fame quickly spread and we were invited to pitch for some sizable sexy brands.

We worked day and night to produce killer PR plans but time and again we got knocked back because clients were afraid to go with a small communications agency.

"I'm sorry Gordon but we can't risk it. We'll take another look at you when you have bulked up," was the disappointing response most of the time.

I remember the frustration to this day. I knew we would do a better job than any of our bigger rivals but clients were worried about our lack of team-power.

That's why we have launched Only White Label. It's the answer to the prayers of small marketing agency owners.

Never again will a smaller PR, design, adverting, direct mail or marketing agency have to walk away from work because they are too small.

Never will smaller agencies hear the sad words "We can't risk it."

By partnering with Only smaller agencies instantly become full service consultancies. They can pick and mix from our menu of services and our range of industry sector teams.

They can also plug themselves into our regional network of offices in the UK and our global partner network spanning 40 countries and 100 of the world's biggest cities.

To find out more about Only White Label, speak to Elspeth Brown on 0800 612 9890 if you are in the UK or 1-800 937 374 in Ireland.

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