Why One Is The Most Dangerous Number In Business

In business the No1 is the numeral to avoid.

If your business depends on one client - it's in a perilous position.

If your business is built around one key person - it's in serious danger.

If your business depends on one key route to market - it could be in trouble.

When it comes to marketing I continue to be shocked at the number of businesses that depend on one tactic to bring in new business.

If you rely on pay-per-click, for instance, and Google changes the rules - you could be left high and dry.

If PR is your thing, look at adding email campaigns to your marketing arsenal.

If newspaper or TV advertising brings in all your leads, it's time to add another marketing string to your bow.

My advice - have at least five marketing activities going on at any one time.

It's a bit like fishing - the more lines you have in the water, the more fish you will catch.

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