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Distinguishing The Gurus From The Blaggers

Almost everyone in public relations these days claims to be a social media guru.

Call me cynical if you like but I reckon a healthy percentage of these self-styled experts are little more than blaggers.

If you are looking to appoint a PR agency for a social media campaign, how do you distinguish the gurus from the frauds?

You can always test them out but a simple question will give you an enlightening steer.

Ask them how many followers their head of social media has on Twitter or if you want to be even more daring, ask how many followers their CEO or chairman has.

If the answer is - our chairman doesn't have a Twitter page - walk away.

If the answer is - a few hundred followers - give the agency a body swerve.

If the answer is - a couple of thousand - be on your guard.

If the answer is - over 5,000 followers - give them a shot at your business!

I'm constantly shocked at how few followers social media experts often have.

The message is loud and clear - if they can't do it for themselves, they won't do it for you.

I hear you say: "How many followers have you got?"

I'm not going to tell you. You can check my total on Twitter and add your name to my list of followers if you find my tweets interesting. If you are in PR or marketing I'll follow you back!

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