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Company Colours – Do They Matter?

One question we are often asked at Only Branding is - do company colours matter?

A resounding YES is the short answer to that question.

A quick look at the Only logo and our family of Only websites may highlight why company colours really do matter.

The Only logo is a simple round cornered black square with the name Only in white.

Only Logo

We have used a spectrum of colours for our various websites.

For our Only Health site we deliberately chose "hospital blue" - the blue you will see doctors sporting in theatre and nurses wearing the in wards.

For Only Travel we chose the colour of golden sand.

For our Only Food website we chose green to stand for all things good and natural.

Companies like easyJet have built their brand around colour. If you see an orange logo in the sky, you know it's an easy jet plane.

Next time you are creating a logo or refreshing your existing branding, spend time thinking about colour.

Like the colour of your eyes, company colours say a lot about you!