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Ambitious Marketers Wanted

This is a blatant advert - I'm looking to grow the Only Marketing brand into new service areas and I want to hear from talented marketing visionaries with the ambition to run their own show.

Only is fast developing into a marketing shopping centre containing an array of specialist boutiques spanning marketing services and industry sectors.

So far we have created the following marketing boutiques:


We have got Only Public Relations covered by the Beattie Communications brand and Only Education covered by 11ten. I would, however, like to launch a lot more marketing boutiques.

To do that I need talented marketers from other disciplines to come and join the Only team.

The type of individuals I'm looking for will currently be a No2 or hold a senior position in an existing marketing business.

You can be based in any part of the country as Only has eight offices in the UK including London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

You probably feel you have gone as far as you're going to go with your existing agency and you are looking for a fresh challenge.

If you think you fit the bill and that Only could be the answer to your prayers, fire me an email and let's get together to discuss opportunities.


You'll get me at It goes without saying that every approach will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Take Time To Think

I go running every day. It keeps me fit and it gives me thinking time.

Pounding the pavement is where I get my best ideas for my own business and for our clients.

I reckon I come up with one good marketing idea for every 100 miles I clock up. (I actually think up a lot more ideas - but most are discarded).

I came up with the idea for Only Marketing while pushing my weary legs along the cliffs of the Mediterranean.

I got the idea that Only could be a multi-brand with countless arms and legs while out running the next day. As a result Only Web, Only Health, Only Food and Only Words were born.

The idea for Press Office 24, Beattie Communications always-open press desk, came while braving the scorching sun and blue skies of Florida.

New ideas are what keep businesses fresh, ambitious and innovative. Without new ideas companies become stale and staid.

If you want to get your company moving - set aside thinking time several times a week.

If you are not a running nut like me, find something else you are passionate about like walking the beach, hiking up a hill, splashing in the pool or taking a long steamy bath.