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Useful Tools For Managing Your Brand On Twitter

I believe in keeping life simple - that's why I'm always on the lookout for tools that make it easy to manage my Twitter and social media accounts.

I manage all my social media accounts using a tool called TweetDeck - but there are lots of similar platforms out there like HootSuite.

Here's a few of the blockbuster tools I use. I particularly like FriendOrFollow because it lets me know who is not joining the conversation. 

TweetDeck -
Allows you to sort your tweets into replies, topics, groups, keywords and send messages to your other social media accounts.

HootSuite -
Allows you to rack your statistics, manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets and update all your social networks.

TweetBeep -
Notifies you every time your name, brand or any keyword you choose is mentioned on Twitter.

FriendOrFollow -
Find out who's following you that you're not following back and who you're following that isn't following you back.

Qwitter -
Notifies you daily of those who have stopped following you.

Twitter Grader -
Helps you find out how good your reach and influence is on Twitter.

TweetStats -
Gives you a valuable insight into the performance of your Twitter campaigns.

TwitPic -
Allows you to send photos on Twitter.

Social Media - The Facts

I thought it would be interesting to discover the statistics relating to the most popular social media sites.

I'm sure you will find the facts interesting and perhaps even a little scary.

500 million active users
250 million log on to Facebook on any given day
200 million active users access Facebook through their mobile phone
Facebook has been translated into 70 languages
The average user has 130 friends
People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the site
The average user creates 90 items of content each month

200 million registered users
100 million tweets writer per day
300,000 new Twitter users every day
Thursday and Friday are the most active days on Twitter and account for 32% of all tweets
English is the main language (61%), Portuguese (11%), Japanese (6%), Spanish (4%)
33% of site traffic is from the US and 5.9% from the UK
The No1 Tweeter is Lady GaGa
97% of Twitter users have less than 100 followers

2bn views per day
24 hours of video uploaded every minute
Average person spends 15 minutes per day on YouTube
70% of site traffic comes from outside the US
The top ten subscription feeds are all from individuals (not stars or brands)
Over 300M people are auto-sharing to at least one of the other social network

The world's largest professional network with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories
12% of members work in sales
4.3% of members work in PR
More than half of LinkedIn members are located outside of the United States
There were nearly two billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010
LinkedIn is available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
More than 1M companies have a LinkedIn profile

100 million users worldwide - 50% are in the U.S
Localised in 30 countries and translated into 16 languages
In a single day, over 1.6 million users spend 18 million minutes playing over 19,000 games and applications on Myspace
Each week, Myspace adds 500 new artists, premieres 25 new albums and more than 50 live shows

Multiply The Impact With Integrated Marketing

The world of entertainment has gone from two to three dimensional and the world of marketing is going through a similar transformation.

In the old days, people used to think one dimensionally, putting advertising, media buying, direct mail and PR into separate silos.

Today integrated marketing is what it's all about. Clients now want creative agencies that think and act in multi-dimensions.

Beattie Communications and Only Marketing are creating more and more integrated campaigns that go beyond pure PR and embrace everything from word-of-mouth to web marketing and advertising to media buying.

Take our client easyJet. When we launch a new route on their behalf, we use the power of PR to secure widespread editorial coverage in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and internet news and travel outlets.

We invariably stage a newsworthy event such as camel racing in London or a John and Yoko sleep-in at Liverpool airport, which gives us the chance to leaflet prospective passengers and use world-of-mouth marketing.

The event always attracts free coverage in the press and media and, of course, it's filmed and uploaded onto YouTube and chatted about on Twitter and Facebook.

At the same time, the launch is supported by multi-channel advertising and spotlighted in easyJet Traveller - the in-flight magazine.

The airline gets more bang for its buck through email alerts to prospective passengers while the new route benefits from prime billing on the easyJet website.

Finally, travel agents and the travel trade are alerted by easyJet and the entire campaign will inevitably fly across international frontiers as the airline reaches out to travellers at both ends of the route and across Europe.

The benefit of integrated marketing is that it delivers a much greater commercial impact than one or two dimensional campaigns.

So what does this mean for creative agencies?

I reckon traditional PR and advertising agencies have had their day. They will be replaced by integrated marcom agencies, like Beattie Communications and Only Marketing, that think in 3D.

Humour Sells

As a spot-infested teenager, I learned one of marketing's greatest secrets - humour sells.

Having a good sense of humour enabled me to succeed in the toughest marketing area of all - dating.

Having a larger than life personality and a wicked smile enabled me to overcome the acne problem with ease and win the hearts of more than a few beautiful girls.

So why is it that British ad agencies have not discovered a secret I learned at the tender age of 14?

Why is it they still turn out dull, boring and tepid adverts? Is it because our creative geniuses are totally devoid of a sense of humour?

The lack of a sense of humour is killing the advertising industry. No one wants to watch TV adverts which lack sparkle. It's why we all rush to make a cup of tea when the adverts come on the telly.

There are, of course, a few notable exceptions - Specsavers adverts, for instance. Our optical client has been producing fun adverts for more than a decade and the storylines are still as fresh today as they were last century.

So come on ladies and gentlemen of the advertising world - get focussed!

If you would like to discover more about my sense of humour, visit the Chuckles section of my personal website I'm certain it will make you smile.