We Have Launched Only Social

Today marks the launch of our Only Social website which highlights the social media marketing services Beattie Communications and Only Marketing are supplying to a myriad of clients.

Social media monitoring and marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of our business.


Because social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are revolutionising the way we communicate with people we know and with people we have never met.

They are also transforming the way we win business and the way we get our news.

When it comes to breaking news, Twitter breaks it faster than any other communications platform.

It outpaces daily and Sunday papers as well as radio and TV news programmes. In fact, they monitor Twitter to pick up news from celebrities, companies and ordinary people who are on the spot when newsworthy incidents actually happen.

When the earthquake and tsunami wreaked havoc in Japan, it was Twitter that carried the first news and YouTube that brought us the first pictures. The BBC and CNN caught up later.

It was the same when the earthquake rocked Haiti and when the rebels took up their guns against Colonel Gaddafi. When the Libyan uprising started there were few news teams on the ground - the world was forced to rely on citizen journalists.

If you think about it, Twitter actually has the biggest team of news reporters in the world. In a flash, it has given the power to influence back to the people.

What people on Twitter are chatting about right now, will make the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers.

So remember - your words, your pictures and your videos are important!!

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