A Personal Website – A Must Have For Every Business Leader

What could be better than your own page on Facebook or Twitter?

Your own personal website, of course!

If you are a top business leader a personal website is not just desirable - it's essential.


Because the media has a nasty habit of putting a negative slant on everything. So an innocent aside can unexpectedly be blown into an earth shattering row.

If you don't want media spin on what you say - a personal website is the only answer.

At Beattie Communications and Only Web we have been building personal websites for a string of high profile business leaders who know the value of personal brand management.

In this day and age, it's as important for CEOs to manage their personal brands as it is to protect the corporate brand.

Former BP CEO Tony Hayward is a case in point. His company's reputation was left in tatters not just because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill but because the media put a negative spin on everything he said and did.

Some of the grief could have been avoided, had he used his own personal website as the distribution point for his thoughts, comments, views and news. It would have given the public the opportunity to read what he actually said rather than rely on journalists who were "working an angle".

I have my own personal website at www.gordonbeattie.com. I use it to issue my news.  It's worth taking a look as it will help you figure out what your website should contain.

Stagecoach CEO Brian Souter and Willie Haughey of City Refrigeration both have good websites which may also give you some inspiration.

Personal Brand Management Tip: Always buy a .com domain name if you can. It has more international web power than any of the others.

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