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I Dreamed Of Living In The Sun

I am a proud Scot - but I detest the Scottish weather.

It's too cold in the winter and too wet in the summer.

Little wonder then that I dreamed of living and working in the sunshine.

I pictured myself having breakfast by the pool, working all day long under a palm tree and splashing along a sandy beach in the setting sun.

Today I have that lifestyle and it's all thanks to the internet.

It has changed my life completely. I spend my summers in the Mediterranean and my winters in the Gulf of Mexico.

As I am completely wired 24/7 (Some people would say I have always been completely wired, but that's another matter), so I'm never out of touch with my colleagues at Beattie Communications, Only Marketing, 11ten or Student Currency Exchange.

I have the perfect lifestyle and living in the sunshine has produced a crop of business benefits. No1 - it has been largely responsible for our brands breaking into new international markets.

I now spend more time on aeroplanes than I used to but with carriers like our clients easyJet it's a doddle getting about Europe.

If you have a dream of swooping the UK for a place in the sun - get in touch and I'll tell you how to do it.