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Why Most People On Twitter Only Have A Handful Of Followers

Ask the question why 90% of Twitter users only have a handful of followers and you'll get 90 different answers. 

  • Your tweets are not interesting enough
  • You don't tweet often enough
  • You are not famous enough

These are only three responses so called social media experts will fire back at you like bullets out of a machine gun.

All three responses have their place.

  • The more interesting your tweets, the more RTs you will get and the more followers you will pick up
  • Increase the number of times you tweet and you can expect to add a follower or two
  • If you are in the media spotlight - for whatever reason - you will pick up followers by the barrow load

However, the No1 reason people don't have masses of followers is that they don't make the effort to follow other people.

Most of us sit back passively and wait to be followed by someone else.

If you really want to increase your Twitter headcount, go out and follow 100 people. You can expect one in every four of these people to follow you back.

If follow 100 new people each day for six weeks you will end up with 1000 followers.

It's then time to do a bit of spring cleaning and stop following those who have not followed you back. Twitter is all about two way conversations - not one way traffic.