Using Video to Defend Your Reputation

When speaking to the broadcast media, it's easy to stray off message and end up in hot water. 

It happened recently to Government minister Ken Clarke when talking about rape.  His slip of the tongue caused a political storm and, only by apologising, did he pull himself back from the cliff edge save his job.

In a TV interview it's so easy to put an emphasis in the wrong place or, in the heat of the moment, throw out a comment you've not thought through. 

The best of us can be caught out - even seasoned old campaigners like Ken Clarke.

So what's the answer?

You can get media training, of course. but the best way to guarantee to stay on message is to issue a video news release.

We issue video news releases all the time on behalf of a myriad of clients including transport tycoon Sir Brian Souter.  In fact, we have just posted Brian's latest video news release on-line today. You can view it here.

Video news releases are the sure way to stay in control.

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