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Integrated Communications – The Way Ahead

I'm a huge fan of Sir Martin Sorrell, the founder and CEO of WPP, the world's biggest advertising and communications group.

When he opens his mouth, I listen because over the years he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to identify marketing trends on which he capitalises.

I have just finished reading the WPP annual report which includes Sir Martin's extensive commentary and analysis of global markets.

I took a great deal from his commentary but two key messages stand out: 

  1. Clients are increasingly buying all their marketing services from single suppliers
  2. Traditional advertising is hitting the buffers and it's only going to get worse with margins being squeezed and more advertising spend being directed at the internet

Both trends have been apparent for some time. 

Our clients increasingly want us to supply them with integrated PR, marketing and communications services. That's why we have been frantically expanding our menu of services under the Only brand.

We now have 10 Only websites, three 11ten websites and three Beattie Communications websites. You will find our full directory here.

You will notice we don't have an advertising website. Like WPP we have found traditional advertising is declining while digital advertising is on the up. You will find our digital advertising and marketing services at Only Web