Companies Make A Big Mistake

Some companies are abandoning their standalone websites in favour of having a Facebook page as their sole online hub.

Crazy is the only word to describe the decision.


A barrow-load of reasons but lack of control has got to be top of the pile.

If you've got your own website, you can control the site in its entirety including look, content, size and where it's hosted.

If a company is relying solely on a Facebook site it's at the mercy of Facebook's editorial policy.

Here are a few more reasons for keeping a standalone website. 

  1. It can be optimised to sit at the top of the search engines
  2. Facebook is popular but not everyone uses Facebook, so your potential customer base is reduced
  3. Facebook may rock today but social media sites always peak and decline, so what happens when Facebook goes the way of Myspace 

My advice to any business - enjoy the best of both worlds by having a Facebook page and your own standalone website.

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