My Biggest Business Blunder

I'm often asked - what is the biggest business mistake you have ever made.

It's an easy one to answer…calling the business after me!

Putting my own name on a brass plate outside our first office felt good at the time - but it's had its drawbacks.

Because I'm Gordon Beattie of Beattie Communications, everyone thinks they should be speaking to me - clients, staff, suppliers…the whole world.

The truth is I'm only a small cog in a much bigger machine and I'm proud to say we have lots of people within the group who are much more talented than me.

Looking back I don't know why I did not come up with a smart name like easyJet, Specsavers or Stagecoach.

These names are much more marketable than Beattie Communications. It's why we have created the Only brand. Only Marketing has a certain ring to it and soon the name will be resonating around the globe.

We now have ten Only websites in the UK with more planned for Britain and other English-speaking countries:

If you are launching a business, think long and hard about the name.

Here's a few points to consider: 

  • Choose a name where you can buy the .com domain
  • Choose a name which is simple to spell
  • Choose a name which is easy to remember
  • Choose a name which gives prospective clients an inkling of what you do
  • Avoid a name which is fine in English but a swear word in Dutch

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