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The World’s Fastest Growing Biz Sector

I spend a fair amount of time on social media sites and its fascinating to see how many people have set up niche social media marketing businesses.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have inspired millions to set up home-based social media firms.

Unfortunately, I worry about how many of these little businesses will still be operating a year from now as there seems to be an over supply of service providers and an under supply of clients.

That will lead to millions of tiny social media marketing businesses around the world pulling down the shutters and closing up the shop.

The daily deals sector, that involves companies like Groupon, is another area that I fear is over populated. There seems to be a rash of new players coming to the market each and every week so I will not be surprised when consumers start to suffer from daily deal fatigue.

Again, I predict that many of these businesses will fail because while the bigger players will consolidate and dominate the market.

I've learned that companies that get into a new market early are the ones that clean up. There are a handful of daily deal businesses in line to make a fortune, but unfortunately, most of the late arrivals will fail to strike gold.

My advice - look out for the next big trend and get in early.

Don’t Think Us Into A Double Dip Recession

Is the world heading for a double dip recession?

I honestly don't know - but we can certainly avoid a further depression by thinking positively about the future.

The media is and always has been a harbinger of doom. It takes great delight in rolling out bad news.

Ignore it - that's my advice.

I prefer to look at the world around me and judge how things really are by what I see.

I've visited the US, Canada and various European countries in recent months.  In fact, I'm penning this blog shading myself from the Mediterranean sunshine.

My findings are the same in North America and Europe - people are concerned about the economy but they are still spending.

They may be looking for bargains. They may be clearing credit cards of debt instead of racking it up. They may be putting off buying a new car for a few months…but there is a mood of optimism in the air - not despair.

I look at my own companies and I see a bright future for Beatte Communications, Only Marketing and 11tenGroup. Their financial years ended on July 31 and I'm pleased to report record sales and record profits for all three brands.

I'm a small stakeholder in a fast expanding UK retail chain and, having looked at the books a week ago, the story is the same - record sales and record profits.

I then turn to our PR and marketing clients and I can't think of one that's struggling. All of our clients are doing well.

I personally am extremely optimistic about the future.

My advice to you - look to the real world not to the media-created world and you'll still find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Does Racism Exist In The Social Media

I am going to ask a controversial question - does racism extend into the social media?

Unfortunately, my personal research confirms that it does.

I'm saddened to say I've seen countless examples of aggressively racist and hate-fuelled comments posted on social media sites.

I've also been the victim of what I would call racial prejudice on social sites.

Take my personal Twitter page, for instance. On that page my destinations are listed as Europe and USA as I have homes in Florida and Gibraltar.

Try as I might I can't get Canadians to follow me. If I follow 100, only a handful will follow me back. Could it be that they are an unfriendly nation or perhaps they dislike Americans?

I've just returned from Vancouver and I know from personal experience how friendly and hospitable Canadians are.

I can, therefore, only assume that they don't care for their North American neighbours terribly much. I suspect that if I made it plain I was Scottish, I would collect a lot more Canadian followers on Twitter.

Perhaps, the North American stand-off is a bit like the rivalry between the Scots and English.

In my view rivalry is OK. Racism is not. It's corrosive and destructive. It harms humankind.

Take a leaf out of my book and if someone extends the hand of friendship on a social media site - shake it!!

The Biggest Impact On Our Business

People often ask me the question - what has had the biggest impact on your business.

I don't need to think about that one!

The internet has transformed our business and being at the top of the search engines fuels our growth.

I learned early on that there was little value in having a website if it did not come up on Page 1 of Google for keyword searches.

We now have around 20 Beattie and Only websites and they all show up well for keyword searches.

Pages on the Beattie Communications website dominate PR searches while pages on the Only Marketing website are to the fore for marketing searches.

Then we have our specialist websites such as Only Retail which shows up well if you are looking for retail marketing services.

Thanks to the internet we are growing faster than ever before - despite the recession.What shocks me is that so few businesses are harnessing the power of the internet to build their brand and drive sales.

I would reckon that only one in five companies are truly exploiting the commercial potential of the internet.

If you'd like to join that elite group, its time to speak to our internet marketing team, Only Web. They are outstanding when it comes to helping businesses make money and drive sales on the internet.

My No1 Twitter Tip

People often ask me - what's your No1 Twitter tip.

It's an easy question to answer.

If you want more followers create an interesting profile for yourself.

It's amazing the number of people on Twitter who say absolutely nothing about themselves.

I seldom follow anyone who has not taken the time to add even a simple profile.


Because I want to know a little about the people I'm following - what they do, what their interests are, what they are passionate about.

Twitter gives you 160 characters to create an interesting profile. Use the letters well to create a profile that will encourage people to follow you.

Be funny, quirky or factual. Don't be afraid to experiment, changing your profile from time to time. Then watch the impact.

It's amazing the difference a few words can make when it comes to attracting followers!