Does Racism Exist In The Social Media

I am going to ask a controversial question - does racism extend into the social media?

Unfortunately, my personal research confirms that it does.

I'm saddened to say I've seen countless examples of aggressively racist and hate-fuelled comments posted on social media sites.

I've also been the victim of what I would call racial prejudice on social sites.

Take my personal Twitter page, for instance. On that page my destinations are listed as Europe and USA as I have homes in Florida and Gibraltar.

Try as I might I can't get Canadians to follow me. If I follow 100, only a handful will follow me back. Could it be that they are an unfriendly nation or perhaps they dislike Americans?

I've just returned from Vancouver and I know from personal experience how friendly and hospitable Canadians are.

I can, therefore, only assume that they don't care for their North American neighbours terribly much. I suspect that if I made it plain I was Scottish, I would collect a lot more Canadian followers on Twitter.

Perhaps, the North American stand-off is a bit like the rivalry between the Scots and English.

In my view rivalry is OK. Racism is not. It's corrosive and destructive. It harms humankind.

Take a leaf out of my book and if someone extends the hand of friendship on a social media site - shake it!!

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