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Don’t Think Us Into A Double Dip Recession

Is the world heading for a double dip recession?

I honestly don't know - but we can certainly avoid a further depression by thinking positively about the future.

The media is and always has been a harbinger of doom. It takes great delight in rolling out bad news.

Ignore it - that's my advice.

I prefer to look at the world around me and judge how things really are by what I see.

I've visited the US, Canada and various European countries in recent months.  In fact, I'm penning this blog shading myself from the Mediterranean sunshine.

My findings are the same in North America and Europe - people are concerned about the economy but they are still spending.

They may be looking for bargains. They may be clearing credit cards of debt instead of racking it up. They may be putting off buying a new car for a few months…but there is a mood of optimism in the air - not despair.

I look at my own companies and I see a bright future for Beatte Communications, Only Marketing and 11tenGroup. Their financial years ended on July 31 and I'm pleased to report record sales and record profits for all three brands.

I'm a small stakeholder in a fast expanding UK retail chain and, having looked at the books a week ago, the story is the same - record sales and record profits.

I then turn to our PR and marketing clients and I can't think of one that's struggling. All of our clients are doing well.

I personally am extremely optimistic about the future.

My advice to you - look to the real world not to the media-created world and you'll still find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.