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The World’s Fastest Growing Biz Sector

I spend a fair amount of time on social media sites and its fascinating to see how many people have set up niche social media marketing businesses.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have inspired millions to set up home-based social media firms.

Unfortunately, I worry about how many of these little businesses will still be operating a year from now as there seems to be an over supply of service providers and an under supply of clients.

That will lead to millions of tiny social media marketing businesses around the world pulling down the shutters and closing up the shop.

The daily deals sector, that involves companies like Groupon, is another area that I fear is over populated. There seems to be a rash of new players coming to the market each and every week so I will not be surprised when consumers start to suffer from daily deal fatigue.

Again, I predict that many of these businesses will fail because while the bigger players will consolidate and dominate the market.

I've learned that companies that get into a new market early are the ones that clean up. There are a handful of daily deal businesses in line to make a fortune, but unfortunately, most of the late arrivals will fail to strike gold.

My advice - look out for the next big trend and get in early.