The Biggest Impact On Our Business

People often ask me the question - what has had the biggest impact on your business.

I don't need to think about that one!

The internet has transformed our business and being at the top of the search engines fuels our growth.

I learned early on that there was little value in having a website if it did not come up on Page 1 of Google for keyword searches.

We now have around 20 Beattie and Only websites and they all show up well for keyword searches.

Pages on the Beattie Communications website dominate PR searches while pages on the Only Marketing website are to the fore for marketing searches.

Then we have our specialist websites such as Only Retail which shows up well if you are looking for retail marketing services.

Thanks to the internet we are growing faster than ever before - despite the recession.What shocks me is that so few businesses are harnessing the power of the internet to build their brand and drive sales.

I would reckon that only one in five companies are truly exploiting the commercial potential of the internet.

If you'd like to join that elite group, its time to speak to our internet marketing team, Only Web. They are outstanding when it comes to helping businesses make money and drive sales on the internet.

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