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Fortune Favours The Brave

The global economy is back in trouble and business confidence is slowly ebbing away.

In stock markets around the world, investors are de-risking their portfolios while political leaders are understandably jittery about the Eurozone's future.

It's obviously a time for companies to pull in their horns, pay down their debt and hold on to their cash - if they've got any.

Or is it?

Time and again, I've noticed that fortune favours the brave and I for one see the economic problems facing the world as an opportunity to grow.

Over the next year we will:

  • Continue with the growth pattern for Beattie Communications and the Only Marketing brands in the UK - organically and by signing teams from less adventurous marketing agencies
  • Continue to rollout Only in the US and Ireland while targeting other countries around the world
  • Continue to drive forward the 11ten education and student recruitment business in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America
  • Launch an online publishing business - the first time we have ventured into this arena
  • Create up to 20 new jobs in the process

Over the last five years Beattie Communications Group has proved that integrated communications is what companies want. Clients like joined-up marketing and they prefer to manage one agency rather than multiple agencies.

Beattie Communications Group came through the last recession healthier and stronger and I'm confident our business will be even more vibrant in 12 months time.