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It’s Not Only PR Agencies That Are In Trouble

In last week's blog, I headlined a gloom and doom report from Plimsoll Analysis that claimed a third of UK PR agencies are running at a loss.

According to Plimsoll, 244 PR agencies are in financial danger.

Our own research has shown that it's not just PR agencies that have been badly hit by the recession but marketing businesses in general.

From what I can see there are hundreds of marketing agencies in the UK, Ireland and US struggling to pay their bills.

Social media agencies and market research businesses appear to have been particularly badly hit as clients draw in the financial purse strings. Surprisingly, some internet marketing businesses also appear to be suffering.

As I said last week, it's in sharp contrast to what we are experiencing at Beattie Communications and Only Marketing. Only Beattie is continuing to expand internationally, win exciting new clients and create significant numbers of new jobs.

That's why we are now offering to throw a financial lifeline not just to PR agencies but to good marketing and media businesses which are struggling to swim against the current economic tide.

We don't want to see vibrant PR agencies, robust advertising businesses or long-established direct marketing consultancies going under or throwing talented people out of a job.

I would, therefore, urge the owners of good marketing agencies to talk to me about a rescue - if the business is struggling in the current financial climate.

With eight offices in the UK and an international network spanning 40 countries, we can offer you a good home and a secure financial future.

Your approach will be treated in the strictest confidence. Get in touch with me at or ring me on 0800 612 9890 in the UK, 1-800 937 374 in Ireland and 1-800 400 3831 in the US or Canada.

A Third Of UK PR Agencies Are Running At A Loss

A third of UK PR agencies are currently running at a loss.

That's the gloom and doom heading from the latest report on the UK PR industry by Plimsoll Analysis.

According to Plimsoll, 244 PR agencies are in financial danger.

It's in sharp contrast to Beattie Communications, which is continuing to expand internationally, win clients and create new jobs.

So we are offering to throw a financial lifeline to good agencies struggling in the current economic downturn.

We don't want to see vibrant PR agencies going under and talented people being put out of a job.

As a strong and well-managed business, we believe it is important to do our bit to support the PR sector.

We are, therefore, urging the owners of good PR agencies that are floundering in the stormy economic seas to get in touch to see if we can work out a deal to avoid their businesses sinking.

We are particularly keen to hear from agencies in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada.

For further information please contact Laurna Woods on 0800 612 9890

Business Winning Secrets Using Linkedin

Linkedin is a powerful platform when it comes to winning new business - but it's often seen as the poor relation of Facebook and Twitter.

Just because it's a b2b business tool, it does not have the glamour or grab the media headlines like its big sisters.

While you won't find Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton on Linkedin, you will discover more valuable personalities - people you can do business with.

As chairman of Beattie Communications, Only Marketing and 11tenGroup, I have used Linkedin to seal many valuable business relationships over the years

I use Linkedin for three purposes:

  • Staff recruitment
  • New business campaigns
  • Joint venture deals.

The most remarkable truth about Linkedin is that people are much more likely to respond to a Linkedin message than to an ordinary email. This factor alone makes Linkedin marketing unbelievably successful.

The No1 secret of Linkedin is to have a great profile and the No1 rule is - don't be modest.

When writing your profile, be creative and inject "sunshine" into your words so that you sound friendly.

Always include a photograph - not any old photograph but one which makes you look good. For some of us, that's a hard ask but even if you are not God's gift - get a good mug shot. It's going to be a lot more effective than a company logo or some line drawing you've pulled off the internet.

When you are happy with your profile, move on to building up your contacts. Start by connecting with people you know and move onto people you would like to do business with.

Build your Linkedin network still further by joining relevant industry groups. Your initial ambition should be to have 501contacts as 500+ comes up on your profile and demonstrates you are well connected.

There's so much more I could tell you but here are six additional tips -

  1. Invite your Twitter followers to connect with you on Linkedin.
  2. When inviting people to connect with you on Linkedin, pen a message - you get one line to do it.
  3. Avoid mass messages, Linkedin works better one-to-one.
  4. Ask happy clients to write a recommendation - testimonials are powerful marketing tools.
  5. Build relationships by sending regular messages.
  6. When a relationship has been established - pick up the phone. It's good to talk!

The more effort you put in, the greater the payback. If you need help with Linkedin marketing, contact me on Linkedin or drop me an email

The Pros and Cons Of Top Level Domains

ICANN, the body that regulates domain names, is about to open the flood gates for applications for new top level domains (gTLDs).

From January 12 brands will be able to apply for ownership of domains like .coke, .nike or generic domains like .happiness or .fitness.

The application fee is expensive - a whopping $185,000 but that's nothing when compared to the gruelling application process which will last for up to 20 months.

So the big question is - are gTLDs worth going for?

The short answer is - it depends.

It depends on marketing priorities, the strength of your brand and the depth of your pockets.

If I was CEO of Coca-Cola Corporation, I would have no hesitation in going for the .coke and .happiness gTLDs for all sorts of reasons - protecting the integrity of my brand and opening the door to lots of new marketing possibilities.

If I was Pepsi, I would be writing my $185,000 cheque right now, but I would think long and hard if I were not already a major global or, at the very least, a serious national brand.

If you own a gTLD, you set the rules for its use. You decide who can use it and who cannot. You determine how it can be used and how it can't.

For instance, you decide whether to allocate email addresses to staff only, staff and suppliers or perhaps staff, suppliers, your distributor network and even customers.

Banks and financial institutions may decide to use gTLDs for security purposes while health brands could allocate gTLDs to patients so they can access personal health records.

The application process opens on January 12 and closes on April 12 - so time is short if you want to apply.

If you would like more information or help with the rigorous application process, email me or ring me on 0800 612 9890 if you are in the UK on 1-800 400 3831 if you are in the United States.