A Third Of UK PR Agencies Are Running At A Loss

A third of UK PR agencies are currently running at a loss.

That's the gloom and doom heading from the latest report on the UK PR industry by Plimsoll Analysis.

According to Plimsoll, 244 PR agencies are in financial danger.

It's in sharp contrast to Beattie Communications, which is continuing to expand internationally, win clients and create new jobs.

So we are offering to throw a financial lifeline to good agencies struggling in the current economic downturn.

We don't want to see vibrant PR agencies going under and talented people being put out of a job.

As a strong and well-managed business, we believe it is important to do our bit to support the PR sector.

We are, therefore, urging the owners of good PR agencies that are floundering in the stormy economic seas to get in touch to see if we can work out a deal to avoid their businesses sinking.

We are particularly keen to hear from agencies in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada.

For further information please contact Laurna Woods on 0800 612 9890


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