Soon Every Business Will Be Global

International bank HSBC is running a charming TV advert right now which shows a little girl setting up a lemonade stand in her front garden.

There is an early shot of the smart little entrepreneur tacking up a poster that lists all the currencies she accepts.

All of a sudden a bus full of international tourists parks in her street. The travellers, who look like they come from countries all over the world, make a beeline for her stand to buy cool refreshing glasses of lemonade.

The final frames show the little girl's father dashing back into the house to make more lemonade for the thirsty visitors while a voiceover says something like "Soon every business, no matter how small, will be international."

I couldn't agree more! Every week our own businesses Beattie Communications, Only Marketing and 11tenGroup are winning more and more international marketing and communications contracts from companies around the world.

Our international clients want us to spearhead marketing campaigns for them in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Thanks to the internet the world has become a village and your business needs to be on the High Street. If you need help taking your brand overseas you should speak to us.

Our talented internet marketing team, Only Web, can help you to internationalise your services or product range. We'll work with you to devise your international strategy and drive forward the implementation.

With the economic climate so depressed at home, there is no better time than to internationalise your business!

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