Profit Your Way To Business Success

Too many businesses see turnover as their most vital yardstick, foolishly thinking -their turnover is growing, so they must be doing well.

When your turnover is doubling year on year, it's easy to delude yourself that your business is flying high.

A wise old man once told me "turnover is vanity while profit is sanity."

He was spot on and growing profits at Beattie Communications has long been a major focus for the Group.

Profits have allowed us to think strategically and invest in new brands and new services. They are fuelling the launch of the Only and 11ten brands. They are allowing us to step into the world of publishing and they are enabling us to expand internationally without the need for bank borrowing.

For my part, I would much rather see my turnover and my profits increase year on year with my cash flow going from strength to strength.

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