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Beattie Communications Creates Content Marketing Team

Beattie Communications, today hit the media headlines for the creation of a specialist content marketing team.

We responded to client demands and formed a content creation team by drawing writers, cameramen, broadcasters, designers, programmers and developers from across our eight UK offices.

They will produce everything from websites to videos, events to eBooks and digital games to viral content.

Our content marketing team is empowering brands to become publishers of impactful content that will reach out to individuals and businesses and attract them to become customers and clients.

Our content marketing team comprises individuals from Beattie Communications and our sister brands - Only Words and Only Web.

We are providing a turnkey service that begins with strategy, goes through content creation, content optimisation and content distribution to a multitude of traditional and digital platforms including the press, broadcast media, web and mobile and the social media in all its guises.

Some say content marketing is a fad. I, on the other hand believe that content marketing has the potential to become the next major growth opportunity for creative agencies.

Traditional advertising is losing its impact as consumers resist the in-your-face sell. They would rather a trusted friend recommend a product or service or they discovered a brand themselves.

Content marketing is subtle. It relies on discovery rather than the hard sell. It's why I believe it will become increasingly important for b2b and b2c brands.

For years I have been preaching that content is king and with every passing month, market research verifies that belief.

As consumers, we have an insatiable appetite for entertaining, informative and inspiring content whether it's videos on YouTube, pictures on Pinterest or short blogs on Twitter.

Our hunger for fresh and exciting content is growing daily and smart brands have woken up to the fact that publishing fresh and exciting content not only allows them to connect with consumers, it enables them to win and retain new customers.

Content marketing is a relatively new marketing science but I predict it's going to be around for years to come!