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Applauding Burberry’s Decision To Launch First Menswear Only Store

I applaud the announcement by fashion retailer Burberry to open its first menswear-only outlet.

The decision to reach out in such a positive way to the male audience is a shrewd move by one of the oldest high street retailers.

Burberry's first menswear-only store will open next to its existing outlet in London's Knightsbridge.

The market for male brands is worth a whopping £150bn, so I reckon Burberry has made a sound commercial decision.

The move by Burberry to lavish attention on the male gender backs up the recent decision by Beattie Communications to launch the world's first men marketing agency.

Only Men specialises in the marketing and promotion of male brands. We offer an extensive menu of male PR and men marketing services including media relations, advertising and media buying.

So congratulations Burberry and you know what they say - great minds think alike!