Monthly Archives: July 2012

BMW's Olympic Gaff

BMW is supplying 4,000 official vehicles for the London Olympics but what they thought would be a PR triumph is about to turn into a PR disaster!

When they signed the sponsorship deal they forgot to think about the consequences of garishly painted BMW's racing down Olympic road lanes while ordinary motorists are stuck in never ending queues of traffic.

The Olympic lanes are lengthening journey times for ordinary motorists by an estimated 30 minutes.

It's no fun staring at the car in front's exhaust while Olympic BMWs zip by.

The backlash will be felt BMW showrooms across the country. Sales of BMWs will certainly not accelerate as a result of this ill-thought-out sponsorship.

The question in my mind is - could it be the high jump for the PR guru who thought BMW would strike gold with this sponsorship deal!

Step Up Your Marketing To Beat The Recession

The recession is hitting companies hard. Every day the media is littered with headlines about businesses going bust.

At the same time, the business pages are sporting stories about companies that are beating the downturn and returning record profits.

So why are some businesses able to dodge the recessionary bullet while others are shot through the heart?

There are a thousand and one reasons for business success or failure - better cash flow, a stronger management team, superior service, a more entrepreneurial approach, more aggressive marketing etc.

There is no doubt about it, the big mistake a lot of companies make is to slash their marketing budgets when times get tough.

It's a foolish move. If sales are falling, you need more visibility - not less.

At Beattie Communications we have upped our marketing spend and increased the number of marketing activities we are involved in so we stay front of mind during this downturn.

We are doing a lot more on the PR front to promote our headline brands - Beattie Communications, Only Marketing and 11ten as well as each of our specialist boutiques including Only Retail, Only Travel and Only Educate.

We have stepped up search engine optimisation activities so that our websites show up better on the search engines. It's Page1 or nothing as far as we are concerned.

We have increased the amount we are spending on pay-per-click.

We have ramped up promotional activity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

We have been exhibiting at conferences, writing more blogs and targeting prospective clients by email.

Content marketing, speaker platforms and networking are other spanners we've pulled from our marketing toolbox.

So is it working?

Of course it is. I am delighted to report that in the past month alone, our various boutiques have won more than £3 million of new business.

The new clients have come from the UK, USA and from numerous countries around the world.

If your company is going through a tough time, here is my advice for what it's worth - cut your costs but don't cut your marketing budget.     

Next week I will focus on another recession busting strategy that will help you stay ahead of the game.

The Big Idea Is Not Enough

My brain thinks business most of the time and at least once a week I have a new business brainwave.

Some of the ideas are shredded immediately, others are consigned to the damp squib dustbin following some research and one of two are pursued with gusto.

What I've learned over the years is that when it comes to business success, the eureka idea is only 10% of the equation.

The other 90% come under two headings uncompromising execution and inspired marketing.

Brian Souter's Megabus idea was a variation on long distance coach services which had plied the UK and USA for decades. What made it a mega business success was uncompromising execution and inspired marketing.

Doug and Mary Perkins' idea of setting up an affordable optical chain was not terribly revolutionary. What made Specsavers the biggest glasses brand in the world was uncompromising execution and inspired marketing.

My idea of setting up a marketing agency with communications specialists serving 20 industry sectors was not highly original but uncompromising execution and inspired marketing have led to Only Marketing becoming one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the world.

My formula for business success is a simple one - eureka idea x uncompromising execution x inspired marketing = business success!