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The Big Idea Is Not Enough

My brain thinks business most of the time and at least once a week I have a new business brainwave.

Some of the ideas are shredded immediately, others are consigned to the damp squib dustbin following some research and one of two are pursued with gusto.

What I've learned over the years is that when it comes to business success, the eureka idea is only 10% of the equation.

The other 90% come under two headings uncompromising execution and inspired marketing.

Brian Souter's Megabus idea was a variation on long distance coach services which had plied the UK and USA for decades. What made it a mega business success was uncompromising execution and inspired marketing.

Doug and Mary Perkins' idea of setting up an affordable optical chain was not terribly revolutionary. What made Specsavers the biggest glasses brand in the world was uncompromising execution and inspired marketing.

My idea of setting up a marketing agency with communications specialists serving 20 industry sectors was not highly original but uncompromising execution and inspired marketing have led to Only Marketing becoming one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the world.

My formula for business success is a simple one - eureka idea x uncompromising execution x inspired marketing = business success!