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Planned & Sustained Marketing Is Key

Universities in England and Wales are struggling to hit their student recruitment numbers this year thanks to the hike in tuition fees.

Lots of universities are panicking and Peter Cunningham of education marketing and student recruitment consultancy 11tenGroup is predicting a couple of universities will go to the wall..

In the hope of enticing students, quite a number of universities are slashing their entry requirements while others are ploughing hard earned funds into expensive last-minute advertising.

I'm reliably informed that one university threw away £300,000 on tail-end newspaper adverts that did not generate one new student!

I suspect more than a few university marketing directors will be facing the high jump by the end of clearing.

Fortunately, other universities have managed to hit their recruitment targets. The question is why have some succeeded while others have failed.

There are lots of reasons but I suspect that some of our most respected seats of learning are struggling because they reckoned their brands were strong enough to attract students in sufficient numbers without investing in ongoing marketing. Big mistake!

Meanwhile, some less established universities have already secured their numbers because they have been reaching out to students and parents throughout the year.

They have invested in ongoing PR, advertising, social media outreach and video marketing. As a result, they have been discovered by savvy students who actually want to sign up for courses that will deliver a well-paid job at the end of their studies.

The moral of the story is an obvious one - investing in marketing pays dividends and the more effort, time and cash that's invested, the greater the degree of success.

Office Networks Still Matter

Beattie Communications has one of the biggest PR office networks in the UK.

We have eight offices across the UK, not to mention partners in more than 100 business capitals around the world.

I am often asked why we need such an extensive office network when the internet has turned the world into a village.

The answer is simple. Local offices have helped us grow our business in Britain and around the globe.

We may be headquartered in London but large national and international brands know the benefit of having local people on the ground delivering regional results that simply can't be matched by PR people based 200 miles away.

It's stating the obvious but locals always have the upper hand because they have extensive local knowledge.

They have their ear to the ground, they know what's what and they know who's who.

For instance, they know the journalists who will deliver the headlines in the print and broadcast media and they know who to speak to if a story needs to be killed.

A PR agency based in a single location can only dream about the coverage a public relations agency like Beattie Communications can deliver thanks to our regional network.

We will continue to grow our office network. Right now we have UK offices in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Essex.

Internationally you will find our people in the four corners of the earth including Ireland, Australia and the USA.

Are we planning to extend our network? You bet we are!

Look out for more activity in America and, you never know, we may even open one more office in the UK.

Create A New Revenue Stream To Beat The Recession

Last week I told you how to beat the recession by cutting your costs but not your marketing budget.

This week I want to share a strategy that Beattie Communications Group has used effectively to stay ahead of the game - creating new revenue streams every few months.

In the last two years, we have created over 20 new revenue streams and it's had a huge positive impact on our business.

In the old days Beattie Communications was the engine that powered our entire company.

Not any more. Today we have multiple niche business boutiques promoting our communications and marketing services and helping us win clients. You will find most of our businesses listed here.

Today marks the launch our latest new business Only Student Concierge. I'm proud to say it's the first concierge service in the world catering for students.

Only Student Concierge provides housekeeping, personal, academic and emergency support services to students studying in the UK. Next month we will roll out the business in New York!

Enough about Only Student Concierge, it's actually the principle behind the business that I want to focus on.

If you want to increase revenues and boost profits - increase your number of revenue streams.

It's a strategy that's worked for us.

It has allowed us to diversify from public relations into integrated marketing and communications and it has resulted in the establishment of numerous niche businesses with massive revenue generating potential.

My advice - take a look at your company and think about how you can generate more income. The more cash cows you've got the stronger your business will become!