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Create A New Revenue Stream To Beat The Recession

Last week I told you how to beat the recession by cutting your costs but not your marketing budget.

This week I want to share a strategy that Beattie Communications Group has used effectively to stay ahead of the game - creating new revenue streams every few months.

In the last two years, we have created over 20 new revenue streams and it's had a huge positive impact on our business.

In the old days Beattie Communications was the engine that powered our entire company.

Not any more. Today we have multiple niche business boutiques promoting our communications and marketing services and helping us win clients. You will find most of our businesses listed here.

Today marks the launch our latest new business Only Student Concierge. I'm proud to say it's the first concierge service in the world catering for students.

Only Student Concierge provides housekeeping, personal, academic and emergency support services to students studying in the UK. Next month we will roll out the business in New York!

Enough about Only Student Concierge, it's actually the principle behind the business that I want to focus on.

If you want to increase revenues and boost profits - increase your number of revenue streams.

It's a strategy that's worked for us.

It has allowed us to diversify from public relations into integrated marketing and communications and it has resulted in the establishment of numerous niche businesses with massive revenue generating potential.

My advice - take a look at your company and think about how you can generate more income. The more cash cows you've got the stronger your business will become!