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Office Networks Still Matter

Beattie Communications has one of the biggest PR office networks in the UK.

We have eight offices across the UK, not to mention partners in more than 100 business capitals around the world.

I am often asked why we need such an extensive office network when the internet has turned the world into a village.

The answer is simple. Local offices have helped us grow our business in Britain and around the globe.

We may be headquartered in London but large national and international brands know the benefit of having local people on the ground delivering regional results that simply can't be matched by PR people based 200 miles away.

It's stating the obvious but locals always have the upper hand because they have extensive local knowledge.

They have their ear to the ground, they know what's what and they know who's who.

For instance, they know the journalists who will deliver the headlines in the print and broadcast media and they know who to speak to if a story needs to be killed.

A PR agency based in a single location can only dream about the coverage a public relations agency like Beattie Communications can deliver thanks to our regional network.

We will continue to grow our office network. Right now we have UK offices in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Essex.

Internationally you will find our people in the four corners of the earth including Ireland, Australia and the USA.

Are we planning to extend our network? You bet we are!

Look out for more activity in America and, you never know, we may even open one more office in the UK.