Linkedin Marketing Website Coming Soon

I have been lax of late in getting down to the task of writing my blog.


Instead of writing this blog or my epistle on our Only Marketing website, my attention has been focussed on getting our latest website up and running.

The website, which will go live in the next few days, is devoted to a subject close to my heart - Linkedin marketing.

As you would expect highlights the full range of Linkedin marketing services provided by Beattie Communications.

It will be worth taking a peak when the site goes live as it contains a lot more than profile creation, contact building and Linkedin advertising.

What makes it really valuable is the Linkedin Learning Academy which will be populated in the coming months with nuggets of knowledge on how to secure sales leads and build your brand on Linkedin.

On day one it will contain four presentations but I'm working on a lot more.

I am also reaching out to other Linkedin marketing experts and inviting them to add their own material as I want the site to become the world's No1 Linkedin education resource.

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