Three Reasons For Mastering Linkedin

Every b2b company in the English speaking world should be using Linkedin to win new customers but our research shows that more than 70% of them don't know how to go about exploiting its endless potential for sales lead generation.

They see Linkedin as little more than a job board - a place where individuals can post their CVs.

They totally miss the point that Linkedin has the potential to be a rich spawning ground for a never ending flow of new business leads.

Here are three reasons why it is worth getting up to speed and learning how to harness the commercial power of Linkedin.

  1. Linkedin has 175 million members and four out of five of them influence business decisions.
  2. Linkedin membership is growing at 40% a year so your new business pool is getting bigger every day.
  3. Members are 50% more likely to purchase a product or service from a company they interact with on Linkedin.

Take my advice and invest time so that you master Linkedin marketing. It could be the most important marketing decision you will ever make.

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