Linkedin For Lawyers & Accountants

More than 90% of corporate lawyers and accountants are ignoring the most powerful new business tool in their marketing arsenal - Linkedin.

The world's biggest corporate law and accountancy firms earn their fees from businesses, so why waste money promoting their brands on Facebook.

Facebook is a great platform if you make chocolate, sell fashion or market cosmetics. It's not the place to be if you advise on M&As or company taxes.

Even Twitter is of questionable value in my eyes but it is a more effective new business tool than Facebook.

If they want to use the social media to win new clients, lawyers and accountants will get far better returns from Linkedin than from Twitter. 

Like business lawyers and accountants, our parent company Beattie Communications operates in the b2b sector and for every sales lead we get from Twitter, we get at least 10 from Linkedin.

Ambitious corporate law and accountancy firms should have a Linkedin marketing strategy for winning new clients instead of wasting time and throwing away money on other social media platforms.

Linkedin is so powerful that it has the potential to be the No1 source of new clients for accountancy and business law firms.

Linkedin is for corporate professionals, 93% of whom are college graduates. It's Premier League for lawyers and accountants as it makes it easy to build strong relationships with senior executives in every company they have on their client wish list. 

Accountants and lawyers should also be using Linkedin to keep up to speed on what their rivals are up to.  Linkedin enables them to identify new clients their competitors are chasing and by reaching out to the same brands, they may well snatch their business from under their rivals' noses.

Almost all of our corporate law and accountancy clients have instructed our professional services marketing team to develop and implement Linkedin marketing strategies on their behalf.     

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