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Have You Joined The Mobile Marketing Revolution

The mobile marketing revolution keeps gathering momentum and that's driving online sales higher and higher.

With 79% of us using our smart phones for shopping, it's frightening to realise that less than a quarter of major brands have invested in a mobile optimised website.

Smart phones are the present and the future and I find it hard to believe that so many retail marketing gurus are still living in the past.

Mobile consumers yearn for a good user experience but so often we feel disappointed and let down when it comes to shopping on the go.

Mobile shoppers not only want to use our smart phones for buying products while sitting watching TV or reading the newspaper. We also want to use our phones while visiting bricks and mortar stores to compare prices, look for special promotions or read product reviews. If a product is a dud we want to know about it before we get to the checkout.

Retailers should remember that 74% of us are likely to make a purchase based on what we discover from a smart phone search.

When we are out and about, we want to use our smart phones to identify local stockists or, if we are in a hurry, the nearest stockist.

If our experience from one retailer is not up to scratch, we will quickly move on to another.

Today, we really do let our fingers do the walking and big brands need to waken up to the new reality.

If you need help getting your mobile marketing strategy up to speed the team at Only Retail or Only Web would be delighted to help.  Alternatively, drop me an email