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Linkedin – The No1 Platform For Charity Fundraising

With everyone tightening the purse strings - it's a tough market for charity fundraisers.

Life, however, has just got easier for charities that have woken up to the massive fundraising potential of Linkedin.

Used properly, Linkedin can open up a whole new revenue stream for the hard-pressed charitable sector.

Not only can it be used to encourage corporate giving, it's a powerful vehicle for targeting high net worth individuals.

Beattie Communications has helped to develop Linkedin marketing strategies for a number of charities and it might be useful if I take you through the process.

We start by reviewing how the charity currently attracts donations and we develop a strategy that will complement and accelerate gifting programmes.

We then move on to creating impactful profiles on Linkedin for the charity and their key fundraisers.

With the profiles in place, we turn our attention to linking up with key individuals in target companies and begin an on-going conversation with each of them.

In effect, what we do is:

  • Get our charity clients noticed by every company on their hit list
  • Generate a never ending stream of giving leads
  • Encourage companies and high net worth individuals to take the initiative and linkup with the charities we are promoting

It sounds easy but, be warned, it takes time and requires lots of effort but if you know the fundraising secrets of Linkedin, it's like owning the keys to your own gold mine.

We offer charitable clients three options:

  • We can do it for them
  • We can teach them to do it themselves
  • We can offer a combination of both

Please take a look at our specialist Linkedin Marketing website Only Linkedin Marketing for more detailed information.

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