Monthly Archives: January 2015

Bird Brain Brilliance

I’ll never forget the day I saw two giant white pelicans mugging a Japanese couple in London’s St James's Park as they were about to tuck into a box of sushi.

The tourists were on the verge of biting into a fish and rice parcel when the pelicans waddled up, flapped their mighty wings and caused the startled visitors to flee for their lives – leaving behind a boxful of sushi.

As the birds tucked into their plunder, it struck me there is no such thing as a free lunch even for pelicans.

To the victor go the spoils and the birds got their lunch by instigating a daring and perfectly timed strategy to seize their prize. The price of failure would have been empty stomachs.

In the world of business, it is usually the most ambitious brand with the most daring marketing strategy that wins the day.

As marketers we must think big and resolve to be highly innovative because the price of thinking small is actually greater than the cost of achieving exceptional results! 

Remember Remember!

Theodore Roosevelt once said no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Remembering a person’s name is the first step in demonstrating how much you care.

Most of us, alas, are not good at recalling the names of people we have met only briefly.

How many times have you totally forgotten the names of people you were introduced to only 10 seconds before?

The good news is that recalling names is a skill all of us can learn. Here are five helpful hints to ensure you won’t forget a name ever again.

  1. When you are introduced, pay attention so that you actively listen to their name instead of thinking about what you are going to say.
  2. Repeat the person’s name – It’s nice to meet you Jim. It’s lovely to meet you Mary.
  3. Use the person’s name again in the conversation – What do you do Jim? Where do you live Mary?
  4. Ask them about their name – what does it mean, who were they named after, how do you spell it?
  5. Add a visual image in your head. For Jim you may think of a fitness gym. For Mary, the nursery rhyme Mary Had A Little Lamb could be the visual tag.

Finally, stop telling yourself you are bad at remembering names. Start telling yourself you are good at recalling names. Believe you can or believe you can’t – either way you will be right!