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TFTW Blackmailers

Send The Blackmailers Packing

New scams are invented every day by hoods and hoodlums.

The latest one involves malicious motorists with cameras on their dashboards and crafty cyclists with cams on their helmets.

They scour the highways and byways filming fellow road-users making driving errors. They then contact their stooges and try to extort payments in exchange for not going to the police or posting the video online.

It need not involve accidents. Motorists straying into bike lanes, lorries turning across traffic and drivers chatting on mobile phones are perfect prey.

Their most vulnerable victims, of course, are delivery vans and lorries which proudly display company decals.

If your brand is scammed, send the vultures packing or, better still, report them to the police because they are nothing more than criminal blackmailers.

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